Our Approach

Our Approach


We strive in high quality, customer care.  We have tailored our approach to business to be entirely customer-led and you will have the opportunity to work with the Master Blacksmith, Ken Fanner, from conception of the idea to the final design work.  We produce both traditional and contemporary ironwork in the production method.

For those who are naïve to the blacksmithing craft, traditional blacksmithing means there is no modern welding involved in the construction of the ironwork. We adopt the traditional methods through the use of tenons, fire welding, riveting and screws to construct our traditional forge work and ironwork products.  We also offer contemporary blacksmithing, which is the method of using a combination of modern welding with traditionally formed ironwork, such as frames welded together using MIG, TIG, stick welding and gas welding as opposed to tenons and rivets.  Fabricated ironwork uses all modern techniques and consumables and may also involve more of an engineering side to the construction of the ironwork.

Our standard produces the highest quality ironwork at the most competitive price, ensuring our clients are fully embraced in the experience of Ironwork of Distinction Limited which is the main driver to the improvement of our business.

Our services now span across the UK and include design, manufacture and installation of traditional and contemporary ironwork to both private clients and commercial sectors.​


Contact us for an initial consultation, and we can advise you on the best way forward in the work of your desired ironwork.